The Flute Bakery is located in Fyshwick, Canberra. It is basically impossible to get to without a car, and it took us an hours bus ride from the city plus a 20min walk from the bus stop. However, despite Fyshwick being a hole within a hole, the food at the Flute was amazing!!! And cheap!!! Perfect for pov students minus the long journey. 


The exterior of the Flute is very cute, like a traditional patisserie from Beauty and the Beast, but its location sort of kills the aura. It’s surrounded by hardware stores and car dealerships and other non-food places, making everyone wonder why this gem was in the midst of all this bleak concrete. The inside is rather small, but the there are seats outside in the courtyard where you can soak up the sun and enjoy the rather depressing scenery. 

The food is incredible!! It looks pretty and tastes great!! My friends all devoured the meat pies and then satisfied their sweet tooth after with macarons and cheesecake, whilst , being vego, went straight to the sugar. I had a caramel mousse cake with a chocolate macaron on top and a crumbly biscuit base (pictured above), and I had some of my friends white chocolate cake (pictured below).


Both cakes were delicious!! The mousse was light and creamy, and the base was crumbly and tasted a bit buttery. The macarons were pretty good by Canberra standards but I’ve had much better in Sydney. However, the flavours were very rich and made me feel like I was gaining heaps of weight as I tried to finish the delicious-ness.

Overall The Flute Bakery is amazing and I would go back, despite the difficulty in getting there and the fact that they accept only cash.



The Flute Bakery on Urbanspoon


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